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  • Contour Measuring Machine XY10000

Contour Measuring Machine XY1000

The best balance between performance and cost, with the best cost performance.

  • Standard type, low cost
  • Digital contour sensor
  • Large range profile measurement

Measuring principle:

  • The measuring principle of the instrument is rectangular coordinate measuring method, that is, through xaxis and Z1 axis sensors, the coordinate points of the surface profile of the measured parts are mapped out.
  • Through the electrical components, the coordinate points measured by the sensor are transmitted to the upper PC. the software performs mathematical operation on the collected original coordinate data and marks the required engineering measurement items.

Measuring Functions:

  • Dimensions: including horizontal distance, vertical distance, linear distance, radius and diameter
  • Included angle: including horizontal angle, vertical angle and included angle
  • Position tolerance: including parallelism and perpendicularity
  • Shape tolerance: including straightness, convexity and arc profile
  • Auxiliary generation: including auxiliary points, auxiliary lines and auxiliary circles

Specification XY1000

Measuring Range Driver 100 mm / 0.2μm
Sensor 15 mm / 0.05μm
Column 320 mm
Machine Size Lx 1,450 mm
Ly 700 mm
Lz 1,850 mm
Weight 320 kg
Technical specifications Linear accuracy ±(1.5+|0.2H|)μm
arc ±(2+R/8)μm
Angle ±2ʹ
Straightness 0.8 μm / 100 mm
Environmental requirements Maximum ground vibration RMS < 50 Hz 2.5 μ M / S / > 50 Hz 5.0 μ M / S
Power supply AC 220 V ± 5% 50 Hz single ground wire
Power demand 500W
Temperature 12 ~ 26 ℃, ideal temperature: 20 ± 2 ℃
Relative humidity < 85%
Single Section Probe Diameter 4mm
Length 32mm
Angle 17 degrees

Measurement example: