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  • X-eye 5000N0

X-eye 5000N

Type X-ray machine
Model Xeye 5000N/X-eye 5000NSL
Manufacturer SEC
Origin Korea
Warranty 1 year
Contact 0243.202.300 or 0964.007.001 (Mrs. Thắm)


Tube 100 - 130 kV / 200 uA
Resolution 5 µm/6 µm
Table Size 460 X 340 mm (option 550 X 550 mm)
Axis X, Y, Z, Tilt (±50º)
Detector 2.5 inch FPXD Or 5 inch FPXD
CT Function Not available
Dimension 1,220(W) x 975(D) x 1,490(H)mm
Weight 720kg


High Speed 2D X-ray Machine

Small Focal Closed X-ray Tube 100kV-130kV and X-ray Camera deliver high resolution images. Measurement function is integrated and the desk has more space due to the tiltable X-ray Camera
Convenience in use and maintenance is a primary concern of our customers.
It is possible to customize the configuration with detailed technical requirements according to customer wishes.



Camera Module



  • Non-destructive analysis of semiconductor, SMT, and electron/electric components
  • Inspection S/W is able to be installed for mass production of SMT and electron/electric components
  • Various convenient functions – Ease of use