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X-eye NF120

Type X-ray machine
Model Xeye NF120
Manufacturer SEC
Origin Korea
Warranty 1 year
Contact 0243.202.300 or 0964.007.001 (Mrs. Thắm)


 X-ray Tube 120 kV / 200 µA
 Min. Resolution 0.2㎛
 Table Size 12inch wafer
 Detector 6 inch FPXD
 CT Scan  Method Oblique CT / Cone beam CT
 Foot print 2,380 x 1,450 x 2,120 mm Control Box : 600 x 1,250 x 1,030 mm
 Weight 7,000kg


Nano-focus X-ray Inspection System
Nano-focus Tube of 400 nano resolution is installed which is specialized for Semiconductor Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging(WLP) requiring detection of Sub-micron defects.
Able to trace and inspect defected area precisely by precise movement of axis with Anti-vibration table.
Tomography is available if 3D CT module is added and Wafer Bump Automatic Inspection is available from loading to inspection with wafer handler systems.

  • Non-destructive analysis system for Wafer Level Packaging
  • High resolution image with Dual Type CTs
  • TSV, Micro Bump, Pattern

Wafer Bump Void

Wafer TSV Void