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  • X-eye PCT4500

X-eye PCT450

Type X-ray machine
Model Xeye PCT450
Manufacturer SEC
Origin Korea
Warranty 1 year
Contact 0243.202.300 or 0964.007.001 (Mrs. Thắm)



 X-ray Tube 600 kV + 225kV /2.0~4.9 mA
 Min. Resolution 0.7mm 이하
 Table Size 600mm X 1,400 mm
 AXIS ZS, ZD, X, Y, YD, XD, Z0 (총 7축)
 Detector Digital Line Detector / 16”x16” FPD
 Dimension 2,800(W) x 1,300(D) x 3,900(H)㎣
  • 600kV/225kV Dual-Tube X-ray CT Inspection System
  • Max. Sample loading up to Ø600 X 1,400(H)mm / 150kg
  • Max. 7-axis manipulator configuration
  • Optional 3D CT Module - Provide Computed Tomography Solution