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SNE-3200M is the manual inspection Scanning electron Microscope (SEM) which is used in plenty of industries, such as manufacturing, biology, materials


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)








1 Year


0243.202.3000 or 0964.008.001 (Mr. Hieu – Deputy Head of Engineer Team)



Cost effective Table-top SEM with various functions

For more details, SNE-3200M


15nm 60.000X SE/BSE Image

Entry-level Table-top SEM with 15nm resolution & 60,000x magnification
Able to use for quality control, R&D and education purpose with various detectors which create surface information images (SE), and material informaiton images (BSE)

Compare: SNE-4500M Plus

SE (Secondary Electron)

- Create images with the height level information. Mostly used for surface inspection

[caption id="attachment_3456" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Hình ảnh dưới Kính Hiển Vi Điện Tử Quét Bề mặt pin được kiểm tra dưới kính hiển vi điện tử quét SEM[/caption]

BSE (Back Scatted Electron)

-Create images with material information(Elements)


Stage System
X,Y,R (3-axis)
Beam Shift: 150μm
Auto Setting
Focus, Contrast, Brightness
Simple S/W
Convenient Operation

Convenient stage movement by 3-axis and able to operate easily and conveniently with mouse control in U.I
Able to get various analysis results with various scan modes measurement tool



Resolution 15nm (30kV, SE Image)
20nm (30kV, BSE Image)
Magnification 20x~60,000x
Accelerating Voltage 1~30kV (1/5/10/15/20/30)
Detector Secondary Electron Image(SE)
Backscattered Electron Image(BSE)
Electron Gun Pre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
Stage Traverse 3-axis System (X, Y, R, Z, T – Manual)
X, Y-axis : 35mm / R-axis : 360°
* Image Shift : ±150μm
* CCD Camera installed in the Chamber
* T-axis : 0 to 45˚ (Option)
Max. Sample Size 70mm in Diameter x 30mm in Height
Automation Function Auto Start, Auto Focus,
Auto Stigmator, Auto Contrast & Brightness
Image Format BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Vacuum Mode High & Low Vacuum
Vacuum Pump Rotary Pump / Turbo Molecular Pump (Full Automation)
Main Unit 390(W)x380(D)x560(H)mm, 83kg
Controller Unit 390(W)x325(D)x560(H)mm, 37kg
Rotary Pump 400(W)x160(D)x340(H)mm, 24kg

Beside these, SNE-3000MS contains EDS system from Bruker Detector. And to improve the result images, it is also optioned with IO sputter device. The sputter device can make the sample surface more rough to spit out more electron.