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  • LINASEC Series CIS0


High Energy X-ray Solution for CIS(Cargo Inspection System) SEC LINAC offer perfect inspection for inner parts of vehicle and container by using 9/6 MeV dual energy accelerator which is developed by our own technology. (X-ray generator and tube) Also, the inspection images are filtered by our own s/w to get more clear and distinct data image. Catalogue of LINASEC Series Continue Reading



General Specification Type Electron Linear Accelerator
Nominal Energy 9 MeV(6 MeV)
Scanning Principle Container or Vehicle is transported via conveyor through X-ray Scanning system
System Specification Inspection Throughput 10 trucks / Hour (Maximum)
Minimum Crew Requirement 1 Image Operator, 1 System Operator & 1 Check in Operator
Max. Dose Rate 30.0Gy/min-m(8Gy/min-m)
Spot Size ≤2 mm
Penetration(Steel) 430mm(340mm)
Detector Specification Type Linear Diode Array
Photodiode Size 4 x30(mm)
Vertical Detector Pitch 4.6mm
Crystal Type CdWO4
ADC Depth 18bit
Vertical Structure Curved
Image Processing & Hardware Image Analysis Contrast & Edge enhancement, Filters, Marks, Annotations, Histogram Equalization, Review of Image, Image Conversion to standard format, Object measurement, Zoom & window images, Brightness & Contrast change, and etc
Data base workstation SQL Database
Hardware Dual-Core CPU at least 2.3 GHz, System memory
at least 4 GB,  Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card.
Radiation Protection Safety Safety Area(WxL) 20 x 38(m)
Surveillance Video Surveillance six color CCTV
Regulations In compliance with WHO, ICRP 103
Dose in the environment Less than 1 uSv/hour
Health & Security Dose in the environment Less than 1 uSv/hour
Dose rate in operator cabin Less than 1 uSv/hour
Building Features Building Parts Scanning building, Operators premises, Technical rooms & Spare parts storage room
Installation footprint 20 x 38(m)
Scanning height 4.7m
 Others Education & Training Technical training to be provided for 1 year(2 persons) by KAERI(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

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