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Industrial X-ray Defect Testing Machine X-eye 5000N – KST Vina

X-ray defect testing machine has applications in many areas of life and production. In particular, the X-eye 5000N is the product with the most advanced technology. Therefore, KST Vina factory decided to invest in upgrading new equipment. Previously, KST Vina used a line of X-ray machines from another supplier. However, after a period of use, this device gradually becomes poor quality. Therefore, Vion Tec advised customers to replace and switch to using the SEC X-ray defect testing machine.

Right from the transportation stage, Vion Tec has appreciated the integrity of the order. We always want our customers to use not only good products but also aesthetics. The 5000N device needs to be ensured that there are no gaps, or crevices, to avoid X-ray leakage. The packaging of the machine has been carefully carried out for transportation from Korea to Vietnam.

The installation and calibration are done by skilled engineers trained from SEC Korea. The equipment must be guaranteed to be connected to a stable power source to minimize damage. The machine needs space for easy maintenance and heat release. The position of the machine should be balanced, not tilted for the machine to operate in the best conditions. After installation, engineers will start the Warmup process. This process is of utmost importance. Because the X-ray defect testing machine works on the principle of emission by heating filament.

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Finally, the X-ray machine will be image checked before delivery to the customer. The required image is clear at all levels of image magnification. At this point, the X-eye 5000N with advanced technology will satisfy all customers.

We are very proud to have been trusted and selected by our customers in the past. Hopefully, Vion Tec will continue to accompany you in the business development process.


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