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VMS G Series

Manual Video Measuring System Used in 2D measurement as well as 3D measurement, this instrument is a high precision and high efficiency measuring machine that integrates optics, machinery and electronics. It is mainly used in the field of machinery, electronics, instrument, meter, watch, light industry, plastics as well as measuring chambers, laboratories of institutes and universities, research institutes, metrological verification Continue Reading
Model VMS-1510G VMS-2010G VMS-2515G VMS-3020G VMS-4030G
Worktable Metal worktable size(mm) 354X228 404X228 450X280 500X330 606X446
Glass worktable size(mm) 210X160 260X160 306X196 350X250 450X350
Travel(mm) 150X100 200X100 250X150 300X200 400X300
X,Y,Z axis resolution 0.5 µm
Accuracy(µm) E1XY=(2.5 + L/100)µm
Dimension (L*W*H)mm 540X560X850 540X560X850 760X600X900 760X600X900 970X760X940
Weight(kg) 100 110 120 140 240
Z axis travel(mm) 150(can be customized to 200,300) Can be customized to 400
Video System                  Camera: 1/3" color CCD camera                       Zoom lens: 0.7X ~ 4.5X
                 Total magnification: 26.6X~171X                       Field view: 8.1mm~1.3mm
                                                    Power supply: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz              Power: 50W(computer excluded)
Spare parts 1.0X lens cone(standard) 0.5X lens cone(optional) Working distance (mm)
Zoom lens 0.7X-4.5X 0.7X-4.5X
Additional lens Magnification Object view(mm) Magnification Object view(mm)  
0.5X(optional) 13.3X~85.5X 16.2~2.6 6.65X~42.7X 32.4~5.2 175
1.0X(standard) 26.6X~171X 8.1~1.3 13.3X~85.5X 16.2~2.6 92
2.0X(optional) 53.2X~342X 4~0.7 26.6X~171X 8.1~1.3 36